Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today's Morning Paper the HINDU BLUE

I  looked at the paper today  morning .. and .. the front page !! .. THINK BLUE ???... the whole front cover !.

As I turned inside the pages .. bottom was this  Ad ..on .  Wolkswagon   

and the last page !..
At least they didn't raid the whole  paper like Mahindra did a few days back!!! 

Match Results !

Today morning in the papers !! 


World Cup Cricket at the Studio

Cricket fans crowded  in front of a small screen to watch  India - Pakistan  battle it out at Mohali  .....mobile uploads ..from the  studio ... 

World cup at the  studio !!

We shifted  to a bigger 'gallery' 

Lining up 


Its a rare moment !!

Mobile shots!!

In true Cricket Spirits

go India go !!

Small Tv ...size does not matter .... the Game Does !!!

Media Coverage !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Body Mechanics

Yesterday  at the 2d to 3d  training ...I did a very short session on body mechanics... although the session was termed as body mechanics...the really subject about the  energy of a character and how to identify the energy , how energy is  built up and released ..so  wanting to stay  true to the subject title , I found this at Animation Mentors  new letter which I thought was worth mentioning ..so  please see BODY MECHANICS(click here)   under TIP on the menu bar .Enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Progressive Walk with out Slide

I had posted a few days back of  trying to  put out a video tutorial on  Constraints..but still  been  running into  some technical stuff on posting a clear vid over here .. so  as a test and also  sharing knowledge ..I have put out a 4 part Video  Tutorial on " Converting a walk cycle into a progressive walk with out the foot sliding " ..on the  Tips  page , Many of you might know this or there might be other methods used ,  if so please let me know for those who dont't hey  here it is !!! ..so Enjoy and hope it helps , please give some feed back on it . Thanks
"  Click here to go there !"..

Friday, March 25, 2011



Just testing the follow by  email option I  recently added... to my blog .. this post will be deleted  later ..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

While I was kinda browsing around I chanced to hit up a article , I thought it might be interesting to read ,   It gives us a bit of info sometimes we all  forget .. and you or  I am no exception to it also and we come across this at least once if not many  in our life time at the studio ... At times its not just the animation poses that you set so well and have the timing of the action thats spot on  or even  if your acting is the  finest ... at times its something more than all this ..its something that will clear your mind to get all the  above mentioned done ... I have extracted this from animation mentor and posted this  on the snippets page CLICK HERE  to  read the full article from there ...or just choose from the menu bar  by clicking SNIPPETS 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Morning Paper the HINDU

Wow .. Mahindra  will definitely be in  peoples minds  today morning, they made sure of that  in the morning HINDU  daily !!

They got a full cover on  almost every page!!!!...they really  must have  pumped in  some heavy cash  for this !

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good morning !

My Green tea at 3 am : left pic :-)
Good morning !!!!....Hmm that wud be a very early good morning ..its 3 in the  morning!!,..sitting at my desk  at home thinking about the  2d to 3d trainees back at the studio ..and their   topic  CONSTRAINS ( Maya 3d software) ...many of us coming from a 3d background might me able to get a hand on it but there are many who can't , asking them the go through the  Maya help files .. well thats even worse ...yeah I agree there are some who can grasp  but on  asking many artist , the feed back I got was .. May docs dont too well in  giving explanations ( well to an extent yes ! ).. I guess the reason being as one Animator put it ...Cherry said " its written by the developer and not probably an artist "  Like our Rigger Stani said " the amount of effort and time they spend in making the  software user friendly ..they have not  done so with the help files "...keeping all  this in mind I thought might be helpful  if we kinda broke things down a bit  to more simpler terms and very simple explanation ..well at least  try  to ..so I thought  at the TIPS page start with  constrains as that seem to the  need at the hour for em 2d "convertees"....( yeah I know thats not even a word !!!) ..I  need a few days to  break down  stuff ..this  is not a crash course but a very slow  and exploring kinda ..well  explanation ..or lets just call it  discussion ...ok  so  what do I  need ,...Hmmm  lets see ..I  need a capture software and a head set with a mic .. which I  dont have...so  planning to get one and after the we will  start on  this CONSTRAINING TOPIC  CONSTRAINTS !!!! :-)  see ya  then  :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend : was Good

Man that weekend went fast .. it was a so long waited for weekend .. and now its over ! SUNDAY : Recently the city has re introduced the Double decker bus so we took a very inexpensive ( now a days ) trip to the beach .. and had high angle view of the city from the the East fort to Shangamugam beach and back .. I have posted the pictures in PHOTO GALLERY (CLICK HERE)! ..enjoy !

Friday, March 18, 2011

OPERATION: PANTS STITCH | patchstravelog

super pic

Cool painting .. right?....see how its done

Super Artist !!..click here to see how its done

Girl play piano with no finger on one hand

Got this  from Digg .. and saw it on you tube ..thought I might share this over here .. its amazing !

Cemented Scooter !

My friend Vasanth has a concrete scooter ... all the front panels are plastered with cement !!..ok just joking ..We are of f to " Man-nan's " for lunch !!.Once the fish fry started coming in .. I forgot to take pictures of lunch !

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art at a Animator's desk !

Just was interesting .. 

Ice Cream !

Interestingly delightful,.... treat ! ..Why coz this is the 1st time I  have seen  ice creams given out as treats for one of the artists becoming a parent !..well sweets are sweets ....jellabbies or ladoos .. or even  ice creams !! :-)...I think Ian was more surprised at the ice cream in a plastic  ball !!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Double decker bus

The picture tag said ... new introduced ... but frankly the  Double Decker was there in  Tvm  in 2005 when I  came here.. was only able to take a ride in it once ... now its back  true its not the vintage looking thing ..but hey its back !!! ..planning to  take Dee on it This Sunday  .. !...Hmm should get a better picture too !:-)

Devilish cat !!

This is not  photoshoped !!
Hmmm...I wonder why  the eyes of animals shine out  or glow out when we take a picture of them !!...We humans get a red eye  but never seen our eyes glow out !!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Morning Blues

No matter how much you love the kinda of job you  do .. you still have the  Monday  morning blues !!! .. Dad was right !!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

101frames intro!

Did this little bit when I was trying out flip book ....wonderful software ..for quick bits of animation...off course used a bit of  Photoshop also in to it 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Japanese Anime /Manga ..after my conversation on Manga anime a few weeks back ..I want to know more ..I know I like it  .. especially the Mecha side of it !!..So  take a look  at the Snippets section for more stuff on Manga ....

Friday, March 11, 2011

Morning Breakfast ...Hmmmm

: ( Sheethal's  Friend )  Rosy's Mother send this over ..They are originally from  Nagarcoil .. Hmmm  love the taste of  " This Sambar " ( South Indian Vegetable curry)

... that went down fast ..all gone except for the  red and green chillies ...:-)

Last Weekend : Trimmed

Last weekend ... Trimmed my hair .... ( ok!!!...  fell a sleep in the barbers chair ) 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is this true

Did they base Shrek off from this  Guy ?

Taller along with Shorter or ..is it...a formula

Whats common among  Shrek ,  Ratatouille , Monsters Inc , Up  ...other than they were good ( some really good ) movies ... Something I even asked  my last  Interns....They kinda most of the timed  paired the heroes as  Taller Character along with  Shorter Character  or ..is it.just a . formula..that worked ...?..
I  Put this question the COO of the studio  . Was a very interesting observation , Its a beautiful combination .In nature we see nothing similar ..and we know that asymmetrical things do have class and beauty of their own . If we look at the mountains .. there is a range of sizes and shapes all  looking different ..so is different good ?, Look at colors ...variations in colors brings about  interest and uniqueness ..So that goes with characters ... and its just not tall and short but also wide and narrow ..  Laurel and Hardy  for example !...So contrast adds to making it interesting...Another point was on a different scale .. had to do with more psychology I guess rather than uniqueness... "Don't we all aspire to be some less at least in one point of time in our life .. at least one for one time we would have thought about it ..." there is  need of  filling a  lack of something that makes people attach to one another - , the short guy probably wants to be like the tall guy  , the tall  guy  probably admires something in the short guy ...one compliments another but no one is complete "  ...this was also  point for ponder ..was a good chat with him ...Its not wrong to be looking out to others coz you know they have a quality  what you dont have and would like to  be like them ..But  be reasonable also ... This  feeling in  some can also  go another way

 Another part that was lead to from this  conversation was.. Japanese Manga Style of Animation!!....If we take look at the  Animation style and character designs  , When is the last time you'd seen  Japanese guy  walk  by  with  BIG round eyes like their Manga style  Characters ? ..So are they  making up for  something they Lack in  physically ?..With this I  also thought about how  Anime is limited yet at certain  points they Flush out with  wide crazy expression !!!..Now from Gesture sessions and Cultural mannerisms classes I have come to know  Japanese are traditionally ( not influenced by  any other cultures - The WEST !!!!)..are kinda reserved ,less spoken , quite mindful of their own space around them .. So  now again  would it be that they  make up for this in their animation??...Hmmm  one of my new Quest :  MANGA and why ?


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